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Announcements - Mon, Jul. 17, 2017

Football equipment check out will be held on Saturday July 29th at the Gordon Street Center.  Players must come at their teams assigned time.  Parents are not allowed in the equipment building.  Equipment deposit of $100 in the form of a post dated check for 11/18/17 will be required.  If you have your own equipment and do not need to check out our equipment, no equipment deposit cehck will be needed.  Uniform pickup will be on this day too.  If you are out of town on this day, you can come for equipment on Monday July 31st at 6pm to the equipment buidling.

Team Times are listed below:

8:30am Eagles 8U
9:00am Eagles 9U
9:45am Eagles 10U

10:30am Panthers 7th grade
11:00am Panthers 11U
11:45am Panthers 10U
12:30pm Panthers 9U
1:15pm Panthers 8U
1:45pm Panthers 7U
2:30pm Panthers 6U