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Announcements - Fri, Sep. 29, 2017

The passing of Hurricane Irma (or tropical storm) over our area is rarly thought of let alone experienced.  A quick report regarding damages and condition of parks and recreation facilities.  (Sorry should have posted this early)

Lamar Murphy Park -  soccer goals blown over, lines down, no power for one and half days, leaves everywhere and trashcans rolling around,no structural damage

East Jackson Park - some tin from maintenance shed roff was torn loose and leaves all over the soccer fields, no other structural damage

West Jackson Park - tennis net blown loose, some signs were down, leaves all over the fields, no structural damage

Hoschton Park - several soccer goals blown over and limbs and leaves all over, no structural damage

Sell's Mill Park - a couple of trees down, several large limbs and leaves everywhere, no structural damage

Bear Creek Reservoir - one service line to a security light pole down, tree down and leaves, no structural damage

Pat Bell Conference Center - alot of limbs, leaves were down, several large limbs and a couple of small trees, the flag pole was bent in half and the flag gone, but no damage to the building

Hurricane Shoals Park - there were around 16 trees total down and uprooted; pine straw, limbs (small and large) were strone everywhere, leaves were so thick on the entrance roads that you could not hardly remove them with a blower.  None of the structures were damaged, which was a miracle given the amount of trees and large limbs down and the location in which they were down.  This facility had the most clean up.  

Gordon Street Center - a few shingles were torn off of the pavilion located in front and a section of the awning in back was torn off the sidewalk.  The soccer field and parking lot were heavily covered with pine straw, leaves and small limbs.  There was no power to the facilty from Monday, Sep. 11th 2:30pm until Tuesday night, Sep. 12th around 9:45pm

Prior to the storm, our staff had prepared the facilities (as best as we could) for the storm to hit.  Thankfully, the storm turned and we did not get the winds that was predicated.  We all did however, experience winds guests of 60+ mph.   

Our staff did a great job in getting the facilities cleaned up so that we could open them up on Thu., Sep. 14th for events.  There was still some clean up going during Thursday and Friday, but all in all the facilities were back open and ready for visitors.

WIth Hurricane Shoals Park needing the most cleanup, some of our staff had to double up and with a little assistance from our county road department the Park was open on Saturday, Sep 16th for the Art in the Park Festival.  Many of the vendors and visitors who had seen the Parks condition on Wednesday, could not believe it when they arrived Saturday.

Thank you to everyone who worked to cleanup all of our faclities and especially those who assisted in the cleanup at Hurricane Shoals Park.  Thank you to all the ciitizens of Jackson County, who stayed away from the facilities until we could safely reopen them.  This made our cleanup work load easier and we worked must faster.

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