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Announcements - Tue, Oct. 3, 2017

Jackson County Parks and Recreation has experienced a recreation soccer growth this fall season.  We have seen the program grow 9% over the 2016 fall season.  This fall season we have 348 soccer players from 2 years old to 15years old.

This growth would not be possible without the help that the program recieves from our volunteers.  We have 38 teams playing across the soccer program which has at least 1 volunteer coach, some have 2 or 3.  These coaches help instilling good sportmanship, skills, and fun.  Coaches are not the only volunteers we have, team moms or dads play a big part as well.  As a coach myself, I admit that without parent support I would not be as successful.  I would also like to commend our referee program.  Our referees are some of the best in the area.  They are as much referees as additional instructors during games.  In the younger ages our referees help the players by giving small instructions.  Lastly the program would not be what it is without you the parents. 

Thank you for chosing Jackson County Parks and Recreation and giving us the support that we have recieved from each and everyone of you.